Our brand name

Qoppa (or Koppa, pronounced in Greek Κόππα) is a letter of the early Greek alphabet between the letter p (π) and the letter r (ρ) which equaled sound with k (κ). The idea of our brand name stems from the ancient Corinthian coin, on which Pegasus was imprinted and constitutes until today the emblem of the Municipality of Corinth and of the City of Corinth. The mythical winged horse Pegasus, was born from the union of Neptune with the Mermaid Medusa near the fountains of the Ocean. Pegasus stands as a symbol of the aquatic element. According to the myth he had the ability to create water springs, like the Upper Pirene and the Musical Fountain in the Mount Helicon, also called the Hippocrine. Indeed, the creation of Upper Pirene by Pegasus also gave him the name the horse of Pirene. Bellerophon tamed the magical horse, with the assistance of Athena who gave him the reins, while he was drinking water off the Upper Pirene at Acrocorinth (known as Draconera).
Regarding the logo design of our company we chose to create a modern version of the ancient coin, keeping the basic figure of the winged horse Pegasus, using however a stylization technique. The typography used has clear references to the ancient writing using nevertheless legible letters. The overall presentation matches the philosophy of our brand. The warm shades of green harmoniously unite with our olive oil. The corporate identity is based on a minimal, modern style, enhancing our new brand.

The Bottle

The packaging design leaves an abstract mood, emphasizing on the basic elements of the product, its brand name, the dyed bottle and the wooden details. Valuing aesthetics, we chose to give to the bottle a decorative property. As mentioned before, Qoppa is a letter of the early Greek alphabet between p and r, which equaled sound with k. The idea for our brand name came from the ancient Corinthian coin, on which Pegasus, the main symbol of ancient Corinth, was imprinted.