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The Qoppa
Olive Oil

Our product, QOPPA OLIVE OIL is a limited edition premium Corinthian olive oil. It is produced by our family with the outmost carein all stages of the process and it is bottled according to the highest quality specifications. The natural juice of the olive was referred by Homer as liquid gold, as the great healerby Hippocrates and was praised by Galen for its positive effects on health. Homer also called the olive trees as the gold of the groundand all the ancient Greek wise men referred to the olive tree as the Holy Tree. Solon, the great Athenian legislator (6th century BC), drafted the first law for the protection of the olive tree prohibiting the uncontrolled felling. Our extra virgin olive oil QOPPA is sure to please even the most demanding client and pass the test of the most experienced professional taster. Making olive oil is basically an art!


QOPPA OLIVE OIL is an awarded 100% single varietal and each oil is produced from the well-known Koroneiki variety of olives grown exclusively in Corinth of Peloponnese

1 Gold Star

Taste award


Taste Award


Health & Nutrition


Packaging Total Image Award


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Quality Award

Premium Quality

Our single varietal premium product QOPPA, is a certified extra virgin olive oil with exceptionally low acidity and extraordinary taste

Finest Taste

Our olives, harvested in the month of October, produce an olive oil suitable for all purposes, suiting all recipes. It can also be served with fresh bread as an appetizer. Our golden-green extra virgin olive oil has a distinctive fruity aroma, a slight bitter taste, and a spicy aftertaste.

Become an olive oil sommelier for a day!