Qoppa Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.5lt

Limited edition premium Corinthian olive oil

LOCATION: Area of Assos, Corinth, Greece



EXTRACTION: Unfiltered cold extraction

TASTE: A slight bitter taste, and a spicy aftertaste

PRODUCTION: Organic farming

Finest Taste:

Our olive oil is a golden green color, a medium to intense distinctive fruity aroma, a rich refreshing taste and a lasting aftertaste. The fruity aroma is the most important criteria when looking for an extra virgin olive oil. Our olive oil also has a slight bitter taste and spicy, pungent, intense kinesthetic feel, and this results in an excellent balance. It does not have much complexity in other fragrances so this makes it characteristic, and the consumer can distinguish green leaf fragrances, fresh grass fragrances and an overall intense freshness.

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Where you are shipping ?

We are shipping our olive oil to Europe, Australia, U.S.A and Canada

How many bottles can i buy ?

Because are limited edition you can buy max 12 bottles per order

How much are Cost for Shipping ?

Please check our shipping policy